I sometimes struggle with how to start an email. Sooo, here it is.....

 This email can change your life and set you up for financial independence like you have never known. In 5 years time, are you going to look back at 2011 (and this email) and say,"I wish I had"? Or are you going to say," I'm so glad I did"! This is the point in time where you can really accumulate some financial wealth through real-estate and set yourself up for the future you deserve.

The last time I sent an email like this out, the people that heeded its advice earned upwards of $70,000 in 8 months. Here is how and why.

 Let me take a moment to explain Buyer vs Seller markets. A balanced market is where we have 7 months worth of inventory on the market. Meaning it would take 7 months to sell all the homes that are currently for sale. This balanced market is good for both Sellers and Buyers. For most of 2010 we have been at 9-10 months worth of inventory (very good for Buyers). A Sellers market is 6 months worth of inventory or less. Currently in Abbotsford BC, we have 7.15 months of inventory on the market. This is it! The shift is here. If you're on the fence about whether to buy a home or not...... NOW IS THE TIME!

The economist will paint doom and gloom and I don't care what their predictions are. Here are the facts. With the new HST that came in new housing isn't selling. This puts a much bigger demand on used housing. At our current rate of growth we need to build 186,000 new homes every year. We didn't build that many homes in the last 2 years combined.

We currently have 110 new immigrants entering in Vancouver International Airport daily. Where do these people live, and move to? They rent as they are not eligible to buy homes. They have to find employment, hold a steady job, become citizens before purchasing. They also have to see that our real-estate market is improving before making a buying decision. 

I think its all pretty clear. We have people pouring in and we are not building enough homes to support it.

I've had the pleasure to talk to some very intelligent people about what the economic status for 2011 is going to be like. These people are not your average economist who are always looking in the rear view mirror, tolling past numbers and trying to figure out what will happen in the future. These guys are the millionaires / billionaires of Canada. These guys are the ones that know what will happen. These guys set the markets. These guys say that Abbotsford is the #3 city in BC to invest in!! (call me and I will show you the proof)

We will see a rate of inflation in BC at about 2.8 - 3.2%. This is good steady growth. In Alberta we will see a 6.7 - 7.2% rate of inflation. Kind of high but this is the norm for Alberta, sweeping lows and soaring highs.

Canada overall will be somewhere around 3% rate of inflation, which is very good for us. What this spells is this......

The buyers real-estate market that we have been in for almost 3 years is going to shift to a sellers real-estate market this year. I have seen proof of this so far. The amount of homes for sale in the Fraser Valley is steadily shrinking. Less inventory means bigger demand. Our home sales for Oct/Nov/Dec show that houses are being bought but not near as many listings going up on the market. I firmly believe we will be in a sellers market at the latest by Aug/2011 and maybe as early as this spring.

The outlook for the year 2012 is even better for real-estate. The facts are that for 2 years we have had immigrants entering the Fraser Valley and most are not buying homes. In 2012 all these people will be eligible to buy homes. With 144,000 people looking for new homes this is going to create a lot of activity. House prices will increase and we will be back in a full sellers market. In a Sellers market the buyer doesn't get choices, the buyer doesn't get a great deal, the buyer cant negotiate his/her terms.

  If you are thinking of purchasing a home for yourself, investment, or maybe you know somebody that is renting. Give me a call, this will be the last year that we see house prices this low, and the ability to negotiate a good deal on your (the buyer) terms.

 I would love to sit down with you and help device a plan for 2011 and set you up for financial freedom! Simply reply to this email, give me a call, take action and dont let this opportunity slip past.  





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