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Building Homes in Costa Rica

by Mako Britz

Mako talks about building homes in Costa Rica , the costs of building them and features a building lot for sale.

Not Abbotsford Real Estate

by Mako Britz

Mako blogs about real estate facts in Costa Rica. Interesting facts you need to know when buying real estate.

Market Update - December 2013

by Mako Britz

Abbotsford   13% Absorption Rate (good for Buyers)

Mission          10% Absorption Rate (good for Buyers)

Langley          23% Absorption Rate (good for Sellers)


Absorption Rates Explained

If we have 100 homes on the market and we consume (sell) 18-22 (18%-22%) of these homes per month that is a balanced market, fair for buyers and fair for sellers.

If we sell under 18% it becomes a Buyers market with a lot of inventory for buyers to choose from. Sellers will have to make some price adjustments or do some minor updates such as increase curb appeal to attract a buyer.

If we sell over 22% it becomes a Sellers market. Buyers will find themselves in multiple offer situations and potentially loose out on the house the are bidding on.

If you would like a market update of any other city listed here, simply email me and we are happy to get one out to you at no cost or obligation.

Seller Market vs Buyers Market. Where are we?

by Mako Britz

Mako blogs about absorption rates in Abbotsford, Langley, and Mission of the Fraser Valley and explained about what absorption rates mean. Mako explains on what market we are currently in, buyers market vs sellers market.

Why Choose Mako?

by Mako Britz

Picking the Right Agent

by Mako Britz

Displaying blog entries 1-6 of 6