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Mako talks about how he will be going into Abbotsford, Mission, and Langley to highlight the key areas to live in. He will be doing so with his 3 companions. Stay tuned and keep your eyes open as they may just hit your neighbourhood. If you have any questions about Abbotsford Real Estate please feel free to email mako at

The lifestyle of an Abbotsford Real Estate Agent.

by Mako Britz

Mako sits out front of a home, late on Sunday night, that he is currently negotiating a deal on. He talks about how sometimes a real estate agents life isn't so glamorous but that he wouldn't change things for the world. If you want a pitbull of an agent that will fight for every dollar of your money, email mako

Fear Not. This an amazing story of an Astronaut.

by Mako Britz

This truly amazing speech on FEAR


Private homesellers, Do not miss this video

by Mako Britz
Mako talks about a private home seller in Abbotsford BC and a segment of the market that they are missing out on. If you are a private home seller, trying to save real estate commissions, be sure to email Mako at for information on different real estate listing packages.

Why Abbotsford is the best place to live.

by Mako Britz


Mako was supposed to show some of Realtor Ranj's (one of the best Abbotsford real estate agents Mako has ever had the pleasure of working with) listings to some of his buyers. However, the buyers canceled freeing up both of their evenings. Just 2 weeks ago Abbotsford had 6-8 inches of snow and yet here they are out in 16 degree weather riding motorcyles to Cultas Lake just 20 min away from Abbotsford. All 4 seasons in 2 weeks. If you ever need a great landscaper (now is the season to moss out and lime) call Bryon at 778 878 1737. Best rates and very reliable guy. Mako has known him since kindergarten. 

Mako talks about putting the brakes on a transaction when representing a buyer. The sellers price was not at market value and Mako did not want his buyers to over pay for a home. Be sure to hire an agent with a proven track record so you do not over pay for your home. Any questions? Feel free to email

Mako' Market Update

by Mako Britz

Abbotsford     22% Absorption Rate (Fair for Buyers & Sellers)

Mission          19% Absorption Rate (Fair for Buyers & Sellers)

Langley          22% Absorption Rate (Fair for Buyers & Sellers)

Cloverdale         21% Absorption Rate (Fair for Buyers & Sellers)

Absorption Rates Explained

If we have 100 homes on the market and we consume (sell) 18-22 (18%-22%) of these homes per month that is a balanced market, fair for buyers and fair for sellers.

If we sell under 18% it becomes a Buyers market with a lot of inventory for buyers to choose from. Sellers will have to make some price adjustments or do some minor updates such as increase curb appeal to attract a buyer.

If we sell over 22% it becomes a Sellers market. Buyers will find themselves in multiple offer situations and potentially loose out on the house the are bidding on.

If you would like a market update of any other city listed here, simply email me and we are happy to get one out to you at no cost or obligation.

Mako's Real Estate Experts Wins Top Sales Award

by Mako Britz

Last night the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board held its awards ceremonies and Mako's Real Estate Experts wins a Highest selling achievement and places in the top 1% of all Realtors. The average real estate agent sells less then 3 homes a year. Dont get stuck with a flunky real estate agent. Hire an Abbotsford Real Estate Agent with a proven track record to sell your home. 

Displaying blog entries 1-8 of 8